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Hazard Alerts

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Driller's off-sider injured while operating an exploration drill rig

Drill Safe

The rod clamps on an exploration drill rig closed down onto the foot of a driller’s off-sider. Fortunately the off-sider did not sustain serious injuries as he was wearing steel capped boots.

The damaged boot

The damaged boot

The driller released the foot clamp around the drill rods to raise them towards the top of the mast. The off-sider braced himself by placing his foot on the rod clamp guard to begin the removal of rods. When the rod clamp was closed the off-sider’s right foot was dragged down by the closing action of the rod clamps. This resulted in a tear behind the steel cap of the boot which nearly removed his big toenail.


Read more about the causes of this incident and the recommendations to prevent the hazard in this report compiled by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Driller's feet crushed in drill foot clamps

Drill Safe

A driller had his feet crushed when drill rig foot clamps unexpectedly closed. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 11.34.24 AM.png

The operator was standing at the bottom of the mast attaching the cyclone pipe. Both of his feet were under the open foot clamps. The driller's offsider accidentally knocked a set of Allen keys off the control console. The keys hit the control lever operating the foot clamps closing both on to the opener's feet. 






Read more about the causes of this incident and the recommendations to prevent the hazard in this report compiled by the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy.

Footclamp Accident

Drill Safe

As the pedal depressed it opened the foot clamp and released the drillstring which fell into the hole causing the hoisting plug to hit the top of the clamp. The force with which the hoisting plug hit the foot clamp caused the foot clamp pedal to lift very abruptly. The force of the upward moving pedal sliced through the injured man’s safety boot causing a deep laceration in the sole of the man’s foot and severe contusion of his ankle.

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