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Video: AMC SRU

DrillSafe Articles

Safety information and collaboration forum for the exploration drilling industry in Southern Africa.

Video: AMC SRU

Drill Safe

This video forms part of Part 2 of our Technical Series on Drilling Fluids. Click here for an outline of the entire Drilling Fluids, Oil & Greases Series.

AMC's unique Solids Removal Unit (SRU) provides a highly innovative alternative to traditional drilling sumps. The closed-loop fluid system significantly reduces the environmental impact and greatly improves the efficiency of drilling operations. Drilling fluid is circulated directly from the drill collar to the SRU's shaker or centrifuge feed tube, where drill solids are removed via the centrifuge. Cleaned drilling fluids are then returned to the drill hole. The highly mobile unit also incorporates a mixing chamber and weir system, which enables drilling fluids to be added accurately and efficiently.

AMC has revolutionised conventional solids removal techniques by utilising a 9" bowl decanting centrifuge, the smallest unit available of this type in the world, and adapting it for diamond drilling applications. 

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