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Safety Notes

Your opinion on hands free rod handling systems

Erin Rice

We are looking to gather data about the general usage of hands-free rod handling systems in Southern Africa and the real versus perceived benefits. We will use the information you provide to better inform the DrillSafe articles that will be published later this month. **Please note that the information you submit will be kept confidential**

Please could you complete the questions below and then click submit. 
Please exclude grade control operations where a carousel is used as a hands free system. We are only concerned with the use of hands free rod handling systems on exploration drilling operations. 

Thank you for your time and input, it is greatly appreciated!

Name *
1. What type of exploration drilling operation are you using hands free rod handling on?
3. In your opinion, does the hands free rod handling system improve safety?
4. In your opinion, does the hands free handling system increase drill rod tripping time?
5. In your opinion, are the additional costs of the hands free system warranted?

Technical Note: Quillrod Failures

Drill Safe

In recent months a number of quillrod failures have been reported and in at least one of these instances a member of the drillcrew suffered a Lost Time Injury. The quillrod is an irreplaceable part of a drilling operation and so it very important that the causes of quillrod failure are clearly understood and that appropriate pre‐use checks are carried out to ensure that further quillrod failures do not occur.

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