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Drill Rig Safety Guidelines Forum Information



The highly successful Drill Rig Safety Innovation Forum held in July 2018, addressed a number of safety innovations that mining companies were beginning to require contractors to implement, such as hands-free rod handling, remote control and wrench free operations among others.

Many drill rig manufacturers and contractors have begun implementing some of these new ideas but it has become evident that there is a lack of clarity on exactly what mining companies require. There are no defined legal requirements or specifications and so there is a great deal of confusion among manufacturers, contractors and mining companies.

To address this situation, DrillSafe recently facilitated a workshop where these innovations were discussed and a series of guidelines developed. We believe that it is now opportune to share these discussions and guidelines with the exploration industry.

who should attend?

This forum is specifically designed to be of enormous benefit to;

  • Drill rig manufacturers

  • Drilling equipment manufacturers and suppliers

  • Drilling contractors and,

  • Safety Managers, Engineers, Geologists and other mining company representatives


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