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Diamond Core cutting blades

Drill Safe

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Along with the core cutter, this can be a dangerous subject and is of concern to most safety officers. Geo-Explore Store has developed some standard or optional features, as below, to maximise the safety on our range of core cutting blades.

  • All segments are laser welded to the steel disc (blank), this provides a stronger bond and as a result the blades can actually be used to cut dry (not ideal but historically the segments would fail if the blade overheated).
  • High decibel noise pollution has always been an issue, and although we recommend ear protection is used around core cutters, our blades are available with “silent centres”. This reduces the noise levels significantly and allows for a more comfortable cutting environment for the operator.
  • Segment matrix has been optimised to ensure the correct matrix/diamond mix is used to cut various rock types, this ensures the blades are less likely to polish or become "blunt” and keep cutting freely so the operator does not try and over exert the core cutter resulting in fatigue or machine failure.

Please contact us should you have any questions or need guidance regarding the ideal solution for your project.