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Master Drilling strives to keep the environment safe

Drill Safe

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By W.C. Olivier and F.J.N. Stassen

Since May 2014 Master Drilling has employed a fully dedicated rehabilitation crew at one of its surface exploration drill sites in the Northern Cape in order to keep up with the rapid drill rate on site.

The appointment of geologists and geohydrologists in 2013 as part of the Master Drilling team not only created a focus on producing a quality service through the delivery of core and other drill samples of the highest quality but also on delivering a rehabilitated drills site and boreholes which are left with water quality of the highest possible standards. General workers have been trained as field technicians to rehabilitate drilling sites and since 2015 have been utilizing water bailers to remove the bulk of pollutants produced during drilling after which hydrocarbon absorbing socks are emplaced in the boreholes to remove any last trace amounts of hydrocarbon pollutants.

Photographic reporting and measuring of water samples using an interface probe are employed to ensure borehole water quality prior to drilling and prevent any traces of hydrocarbons remaining in any boreholes.

Since the implementation of this initiative drilling crews have become more aware of the importance of protecting groundwater and improved borehole water qualities are a testament to the fact that drilling crews now take more care during drilling operations not to pollute valuable groundwater resources.

Since 2013 Master Drilling has rehabilitated more than a 1000 boreholes on this site and are currently investigation the use of more sophisticated on site analytical tools to measure the water quality to more accurate levels and improve the water quality even further.

Master Drilling’s management would like to congratulate the employees of this site for the implementation and maintaining of this critical environmental protection effort. This shows that Master Drilling is truly committed towards and supports environmentally friendly mining.