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MBI Professional tips - drill rods

Drill Safe


We define a high-performance core drilling product as one that is consistently well-manufactured, delivers quality core in the box and reduces drilling downtime. Consult our product catalog to find out more.



Professional tip

Wireline drill rods are very thin walled so be careful when handling them to ensure that the threaded ends are not scratched during use or during loading and off-loading. 




Professional tip

It's important not to mix MBI drill rods and adapters with those from other manufacturers. 




Professional tip

After every rod trip, make sure that all threaded ends are completely clean.





Professional tip

MBI Drilling Products defines pre-torque loads for all its wireline drill rods. It is essential that these values be observed at all times – not only in deep boreholes.


Did you know?

Drill Safe



Did you know?

Standard wireline threads are nearly square in profile and are cut at a slight taper into the blank cold-drawn steel tubing. The joint is designed so that hand tightening will not fully assemble the joint.


Did you know?

To improve the depth capacity of our wireline drill rods, MBI carefully applies a heat treatment to both the pin and box ends to increase the yield strength of these critical areas. 


did you know?

Our rods and casing are threaded by a qualified team with many years of experience in drilling product manufacturing. 

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