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Innovation forum presentation

Drill Safe

Colin Rice_colour.png

In 2009 when Colin Rice Exploration and Training first explored and developed a drill site safety standard for a major mining company, there was not much interest in it from the rest of the industry. Since then, we have developed drill site safety standards for 5 other major mining companies in Africa. The drive for a safety standard was predominantly from mining companies to gain consistency in safety performance across their projects. However, from our recent experience and interactions, a number of contractors have shown great interest in applying similar standards across their operations. The potential benefits of this standard are: 

  • Improved safety
  • Relationships with mining companies become easier and more transparent
  • Ensures total compliance with legislation

The fact that so many other role players are looking to adopt a drill site safety standard illustrates the enormous benefits of working to a known set of requirements and that the need for an industry safety standard is greater than ever.

Have a look at Colin's presentation from the Innovation Forum here.

Robust, rugged, no nonsense rigs

Drill Safe

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.27.46 PM.png

DrillSafe welcomes Thor Drill Rig to the DrillSafe Community as a Contributor!

Thor drill rigs are known to be robust, rugged and no nonsense rigs. We have built over 400 drilling rigs that are operating successfully throughout South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique. Zambia, Namibia, DRC, Cameroon. Swaziland, Brazil, Europe, Australia etc.

Having built up considerable experience and success over 20 years, our drill rigs has become second to none. We are proud to supply well priced rugged, low maintenance and easy to repair products. 
We carry large quantities of spares to ensure minimum down time in case of a break down. All the spares are made in-house on CNC machines to ensure the highest quality. We also cater for the individual in the sense that we can customise a drill rig to the customer's needs and drilling conditions.

Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding the specs on drill rigs.

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A wide variety of drilling products

Drill Safe

Rodtek Logo.jpg

DrillSafe welcomes Rodtek Engineering to the DrillSafe Community as a Contributor!

Rodtek Engineering has grown exponentially since its start in 2007 to becoming a market leader in Africa and the rest of the world, offering a wide variety of drilling products to our customers to ensure they have what they need to get the job done.

Because of our strategic location and size we are ideally situated to compete with international companies supplying the mining industry in Africa and worldwide. We manufacture premium equipment at competitive prices with very short lead times to maximize your company’s profitability.

For us it’s about customer service, offering premium drilling equipment with expert knowledge and design capabilities to keep you drilling for longer with minimal down time and maximum production.

We offer more than good quality and service, we offer a partnership. We supply some of the biggest drilling companies in the word as they have come to rely on the quality, consistency, and availability of our products to keep them competitive on any drilling site.

Together with our sister company Thor Drill Rig we provide a turn-key operation providing Drilling machines and equipment of the highest quality to customers globally.

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Our safety mantra

Drill Safe

HCD Logo.jpg

DrillSafe welcomes Hall Core Drilling to the DrillSafe Community as a Contributor!

"The safety of our employees and those impacted by our operations are non-negotiable. The company's mantra, HARM FREE encompasses safety, health and the environment in which Hall Core operates and takes priority in every aspect of the business. We believe there is no monetary or other gain that can ever justify or remediate the loss of life or limb. It is for this very reason that Hall Core Drilling embraces only one universal and overriding principal, HARM FREE.

HARM FREE not only extends to our employees but to those with whom we interact in our day-to-day activities, including the communities and environment in which we work.

The company follows a risk-based approach in which every potential risk is listed, rated and mitigations implemented. The mitigation of risks is an all encompassing approach that includes our employees, equipment and behaviour on site. Our Fatal Risk Control Protocol is designed and implemented to address the underlying issues that heighten the risk of fatalities in our day-to-day conduct and forms the foundation of our HARM FREE approach."

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Reduce fatigue with our field logging stool

Drill Safe

sponsor Geo Explore Store.png

Geologist, drillers and technicians inevitably end up kneeling, squatting or sitting at core trays in the field to log, mark up or inspect the core. This is always a tiring and awkward exercise and adds strain to the responsible persons work day.

This light weight, portable fold up camp chair offers a reasonably priced handy seat to take the strain out of field logging. The additional storage pouch adds a useful area to keep your gear.

Fold up with carry straps and built in storage pouch for pens, books, water bottles etc. R199.99 excl VAT


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or quotes should you have a need.

Denis Blewett

Cell: +27 (0) 82 744 7594

Tel: +27 (0) 11 392 5324

Fax:+27 (0) 086 580 7392


Environmental packaging - Thinking outside the box

Drill Safe

IMDEX Brands Logo.jpg

Standing out among dusty drill sites and on the back of trucks, AMC’s bright green containers with a yellow lid have made them an icon of the global drilling industry. Throughout the years our packaging has changed to withstand the harsh elements on drill sites, long journeys to our global client base and focus on reducing impact on the environment, while keeping our products as fresh as the day they were manufactured.  

As environmental awareness grows in today’s society, so does the demand for sustainable packaging. IMDEX’s leading brand, AMC is committed to being at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in the drilling industry, endorsing practical ways to reduce packaging waste and promote sustainability.

At AMC we utilise a global QHSE Management System and QHSE Star Rating System to continually monitor, audit and improve our products, services and internal practices. These Systems have been developed in line with the OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9000 series of management system standards and best practices. They ensure legal compliance and an overarching commitment to quality, health, safety, environmental matters and risk management.

AMC has responded to the industry’s concern by offering flexible packaging options such as cardboard boxes suitable for powder and liquid drilling fluid products.  These options are made from raw materials and use less than 10% of the plastic compared to rigid packaging. These options have been vigorously tested and carefully thought out to withstand the harsh activities of drilling.

By encouraging clients to utilise these options, AMC has seen a reduction of plastic and landfill issues on site, as well as several efficiencies in safety and logistics. These new environmental-friendly packaging options also require less energy to produce from socially responsible suppliers. 

The cardboard outer is fully biodegradable and recyclable; boxes are also water-resistant and strong enough to withstand transport and the elements. For liquid products such as AMC TORQUE GUARD™ a bladder insert with easy pour taps are incomparable to lifting a heavy cube of product. When packed into boxes, we are able to reduce the amount of packaging required to be disposed of by 95%.

The cardboard box option is also smaller and more ergonomic for lifting, being less heavy than plastic. A lighter load of 20kg will assist in reducing risk of physical injury through mishandling.  The reduced weight of these packages also enable more flexible for transport, such as the ability to utilise up to 50% more litres per pallet than rigid containers and reduce overall transport costs.

 “Drilling optimisation is the key focus for AMC moving forward. Our business is thinking beyond the supply of quality drilling fluids, we are investing in technology and researching new ways to drill safely, effectively and sustainably. We are redefining the way our products are used, capturing data and delivering improvement in processes to minimise risk and improve profitability before our clients even start drilling.”Troy Giesler - AMC Minerals General Manager

Other technologies such as our Solids Removal Unit™ range also support the mantra of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and complement our biodegradable and environmentally friendly drilling fluid range. AMC’s SRU™ range recycles used drilling fluid, maintaining fluid properties in optimum conditions and reducing excessive consumption of mud and water. This can have a number of flow on effects to an operation, affecting productivity, safety, logistics and the environment; not limited to:

  • Improved on-site health and safety by reducing manual handling and excessive mixing

  • Reduced water consumption mud usage and cartage costs

  • Eliminated the cost of digging and rehabilitating sumps

  • Increased drilling productivity and KPIs

  • Minimised site re-mediation and environmental management costs

  • Reduced site footprint

  • Facilitated access to environmentally sensitive or remote drill sites

  • Reduces the wear and tear on rig components

  • Minimised formation damage

  • Reduced rig maintenance and breakdowns.

It’s important to ensure that sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation. In doing so, operations can trust that drilling operations not only benefit from a reduced environmental impact, but also welcome greater efficiencies in operations. This is an indirect, but necessary, way to achieve a greater, global goal of sustainability.

Further information

For more information on AMC’s environmentally-friendly drilling fluid packaging options, Solids Removal Unit™ range, IMDEX’s Drilling Optimisation solution or ways we can support you, please visit, or contact your nearest REFLEX or AMC representative. 

Rosond group successfully maintains its safety achievements

Drill Safe


Media statement by ROSOND (Pty) Ltd.

The Rosond group continues to place the safety of their employees at the helm of their operations. This is evident in the recent safety achievement of six months with no Lost Time Injuries (LTI) as a group from July 2017 to January 2018, following a zero harm achievement in their past financial quarter.

At the following sites; Geotechnical, Rasimoni, Elandsrand, Dishaba diamond drilling, Kloof diamond drilling, Tumela diamond drilling, and South Deep diamond drilling - no employee was off from work due to an accident for a period ranging between five and ten years. This is an outstanding achievement for Rosond, bearing in mind the harsh environment it operates in.

“Maintaining our safety achievements is crucial for us. Our daily goal is to make sure that everyone goes home safe to their families and these results are proof that we are on the right track. We will continue to adhere to our safety and health policies in order continue maintaining our performance. Rosond’s goal is to be LTI free by 2020,” says Ricardo Cravo Ribeiro, Operations Director at Rosond.

A culture of zero harm

Rosond’s safety is a collective effort. Management reviews and updates safety manuals annually and when required. After an accident, systems are revisited to ensure the lessons learnt from the accidents are implemented. Employees receive theoretical and practical training annually and when required, on safety and technical aspects to re-emphasise information and ensure that they are motivated to continue to do their jobs safely. Alongside safety training, the use of technologically advanced machinery, equipment and safety devices forms part of Rosond’s safety mandate.

When new employees are recruited, Rosond places them under psychometric tests in order to match them with the intended role and then proceeds with safety and technical training.

Andre Kleynhans, Rosond Safety Manager says, “Safety is a responsibility of all employees and the management; it is team work. Our ongoing safety achievements are a result of continuous improvement of safety methods by management and continuous implementation of safety measures by employees. Another important aspect is that we are committed to investigating all unsafe practices and incidents and take the necessary steps to prevent re-occurrence. So far, Rosond has been doing extremely well, so well that our mind-set has shifted to always put safety first at all times creating a culture of zero harm.”

Safety onwards

To successfully maintain their safety achievements, Rosond is committed to continually apply simple and understandable safety management systems and ensure that all employees are equipped with the means to implement safety procedures at all times.

Rosond also put in place a safety incentive scheme where employees are awarded an incentive when they achieve set safety objectives and targets.

 “Our safety achievements are giving us a competitive edge in the market furthering our client’s trust in our ability to provide seamless and quality service; and at the same time encouraging potential clients to place us top of mind when seeking services like ours,” says Ribeiro.

To reinforce their safety strategy, increase productivity and minimise risks, Rosond is in the process of developing a technologically advanced surface exploration rig. The machine will be fully automated and workers will be operating it from a ‘safe zone’ most of the time.

“We will continue to develop tools, machinery or equipment that will assist our employees to do their jobs safely and productively,” concludes Ribeiro.

Putting together the safety puzzle

Drill Safe

sponsor major drilling.png

A few years ago, Major Drilling reached the milestone of working more than 7,000,000 hours without a lost time injury globally. Getting to this point was like putting together a large puzzle with hundreds of pieces. Every employee holds a piece of the puzzle and when we all work safely, we are placing our piece in the right spot to help form the picture of a workplace where every employee returns home. When assembling a jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces, one of the basic strategies is to start by putting together the outside edges and then work your way into the more difficult pieces in the centre.

In safety, the outside edges of our puzzle consist of the key programs and principles that form the framework of our systems.  Some of these include:

  • Communications - One of the keys to improving our performance has been for managers to support safety by having positive safety interactions. Dean Connett, HSEC Manager for Major Drilling America feels that communication and interactions have helped his branch work more than 3 years LTI free. "We decided as management in one of our management meetings that we need to be visible on our sites and spend more time coaching our crews. This has yielded results as the crews feel appreciated and valued.”

  • Take 5 Risk Assessment - We adopted the TAKE 5 program as our field level risk assessment tool in 2008. Use of TAKE 5 helps to identify site-specific risks that are based on the task you are doing and the environment where you are performing the task. Identification and elimination of these jobsite risks is a large part of our safety system and has been one of the keys to our success. Juan Coronel, an entry level employee in Argentina was asked what has helped his branch achieve more than 2 years LTI free “TAKE 5. It’s a perfect way to identify hazards and assess risks, individually and in a group, to eliminate or reduce the risk, so the task can be performed safely.”

  • 10 Lifesaving Rules - The company introduced an easy to follow safety program summary we call our 10 Lifesaving Rules. These rules were developed after reviewing our incident history, evaluating our worksites, and working with our clients. Sylvie Gaudet, the HR & HSEC coordinator in our corporate office believes these rules have helped reinforce safety for our high-risk activities. “These 10 Lifesaving Rules serve as a reminder to all employees of what kind of activities have high potential for serious injury. By following these rules we can keep ourselves and our co-workers safe every day”.

  • Right and Responsibility to Refuse Unsafe Work - Every employee has the ability and responsibility to refuse to work with unsafe equipment, in an unsafe location, or without the proper training for the task. Recently two of our employees exercised this right by refusing to take a truck mounted rig onto a dirt road that was not safe to travel. Despite pressure from the road contractor and drill consultant for our client, our crew held their ground and clearly explained what needed to be done to make the road safe. After reviewing the road with our crews, the client agreed to fix the road and the rig is now onsite drilling. By not exposing the rigs to unsafe roads, we avoided significant risk to our employees and equipment and were able to demonstrate our commitment to safety with our client.

These are just a few of the pieces of the puzzle that help us remain safe each day. Each day we challenge our crews to think about their own piece of the safety puzzle and how their decisions and actions shape our puzzle. By committing to safe production on our sites, we can place these individual pieces into the complete safety picture and we will end up reaching even greater safety milestones in the future.

Sponsor of the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum 2018

Drill Safe

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 10.47.44 AM.png

Geoserve is one of the General Sponsors of the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum, taking place on 20 July 2018 at Glen Hove Conferencing, Johannesburg. 

Geoserve is one of the more recent additions to the DrillSafe Annual Contributors and we are so happy you are on board with us!

We would like to thank Geoserve for recognising the importance of DrillSafe and for their support! 

How to Safely Assemble an RC Hammer

Drill Safe

sponsor mincon.png

By Luke Byrne

The history of pneumatic hammers is thought to date back to 1844 when they were originally designed for hard rock drilling in quarry environments. The hammer remained at the surface of the hole whereby more drill pipe was added once the head reached the table. At this time the systems used were inefficient and resulted in inaccuracies of the borehole which in turn resulted in inaccurate control of the blasting process. Once the DTH system was engineered by Andre Stenuik from Belgium in 1954 it was quickly implemented and then soared to the top as the premier method for hard rock drilling diameters of 5” and above.

While significant product developments have been made over the years to the DTH hammer category the hazards involved within assembly and disassembly of the product largely remain the same. Mincon Rockdrill’s take its responsibility seriously in all HSE matters and strictly adheres to the following controls measures when assembling our DTH hammers in our manufacturing environment. All employees prescribe to the safe work practices, manual handling techniques, correct use of tooling, lifting aids, housekeeping and personal protective equipment appropriate for the task as highlighted from the relevant risk assessment.

Safe Assembly of a Reverse Circulation Hammer

Ensure all components, except for the sample tube, are liberally coated with good quality rock drill oil and threads with thread grease. Check the condition of all O rings and the check valve seal before assembly. Assembly of all hammers should be completed with the following PPE steel cap boots, gloves and safety glasses. Tooling such as dolly’s and hammers should be inspected and dressed as appropriate before use.

  • Identify the chuck end of the hammer and stand the wear sleeve with the chuck end facing up (ensure the wear sleeve is on even ground and the area is free of spill hazards). Insert the piston retaining ring in to the groove provided. Ensure the extraction groove on the retaining ring is facing the chuck end of the hammer.

  • Insert the Aligner (with the smaller outside diameter facing the piston retaining ring) in to the wear sleeve. Using a soft steel drift, tap the aligner in to place against the piston retaining ring.

  • Place the bit retaining rings on top of the aligner.

  • Grease the chuck then screw (with the chuck sleeve assembled on it) in to the wear sleeve.

  • Seal up the chuck end of the hammer as to reduce the likelihood of rock oil running from the bottom end producing slip hazards.

  • Lay the hammer horizontally then lubricate the piston and feed into the wear sleeve (as the piston is heavy and lubricated be careful for the pinch point between the two parts)

  • Stand the hammer with the back head end facing up (Be sure the environment is clean so the hammer will not slip thereby generating a crush point)

Note: This is one type of injury that can be sustained.

Note: This is one type of injury that can be sustained.

  • Insert the Sample tube mount in to the inner cylinder and fit the seating rings around the round holes on the inner cylinder.

  • Insert the Inner cylinder assembly in to the wear sleeve. Tap the assembly in to place using a soft steel drift (inspect the drift before use as metal fragments can lodge in the skin at velocity).

  • Place the lock ring on top of the sample tube mount.

  • Fit the spacer on to the sample tube with the flat face facing down to the drill bit end of the sample tube. Place the check valve spring on to the locating recess on the spacer and fit the check valve in to place.

  • Spray the area under the rings of the sample tube with penetrating oil (e.g. CRC / WD40). If hammer oil is used then the sample tube will not go in to place properly because a hydraulic lock will occur between the sample tube shoulder and the sample tube mount.

  • Insert the sample tube assembly in to the hammer.

  • Pour hammer oil in to the hammer.

  • Fit the screen to the adaptor tube and insert the assembly in to the back head. Insert the circlip in to the back head to lock the assembly in to place.

  • Screw the back head assembly in to the wear sleeve. There should be a standoff gap of between 0.5mm - 1mm (0.020” – 0.040”) between the back head and wear sleeve shoulders. If the shoulders meet up then the lock ring needs to be replaced so that all internal parts are properly locked in place.
    Seal up the top of the hammer.

  • Store the hammer on its side and rotate it periodically if it is being stored for an extended period of time. If a hammer is to be stored for a long period of time, we would recommend that the hammer be disassembled, oiled up, and stored in a clean, dry environment.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 9.00.30 AM.png

Major Sponsor of the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum

Drill Safe

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.32.36 PM.png

Master Drilling is one of the Major Sponsors of the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum, taking place on 20 July 2018 at Glen Hove Conferencing, Johannesburg. 

Master Drilling have supported DrillSafe from the beginning and are one of the founding DrillSafe Annual Contributors. 

We would like to thank Master Drilling for recognising the importance of DrillSafe and for their support! 

Sponsor of the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum

Drill Safe

PDE logo master non (00000002).png

Premier Drilling Equipment is the Drinks Sponsor for the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum, taking place on 20 July 2018 at Glen Hove Conferencing, Johannesburg. 

Premier Drilling Equipment is one of the more recent additions to the DrillSafe Annual Contributors and we are so happy you are on board with us!

We would like to thank Premier Drilling Equipment for recognising the importance of DrillSafe and for their support! 

Register to attend the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum and come and enjoy a networking drink with us.