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Improve safety and productivity - online training 2019


Improve safety and productivity - online training 2019

Drill Safe

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Online learning programs

Different job roles on a drilling operation require very specific knowledge and skill sets. With this in mind, we have developed certificate programs, packaged as various combinations of our 17 courses, to meet the requirements of these specific roles. Our four main certificate programs are:

  1. Drilling Skills for Geologists:This program includes the technical and safety knowledge and skills required to enable the geologist to better assist in effectively managing an exploration drilling operation.

  2. Safety Officer:This program is designed so that the fundamental technical andsafetyprinciples learned can be applied to any drilling method or operation. The safety officer will be able to identify hazards more effectively and therefore be more effective in managing safety on an exploration drilling operation.

  3. Exploration Supervisor: The supervisor is undoubtedly the most important person in the chain of command in a drilling operation. This program will enable the supervisor to better manage production and the safety aspects of a drilling operation.

  4. Drill Rig Inspector:It is essential that the person conducting pre-deployment inspections is competent to do so. This program is designed to enable the drill rig inspector to conduct a comprehensive pre-deployment safety audit on a drill rig and ancillary equipment .

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We offer 17 stand alone courses. If you have a specific area of interest, register for one or more of the below courses:

  1. Drilling fundamentals

  2. Introduction to drilling methods

  3. Common drilling calculations

  4. The use of drilling fluids in exploration drilling

  5. Fundamentals of borehole surveying

  6. Economic aspects of exploration drilling

  7. Fundamentals of hazard identification

  8. Fundamentals of risk assessment

  9. Legal aspects of exploration drilling (SA Law)

  10. Drilling engineering

  11. Dual-tube reverse circulation drilling techniques

  12. Diamond core drilling techniques

  13. Pre-deployment inspection procedures

  14. Practical hazard identification

  15. Fundamentals of directional drilling

  16. Directional drilling equipment

  17. Planning a directional borehole

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