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Our new look


Our new look

Drill Safe

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Colin Rice Exploration and Training (Pty) Ltd. was started, by Colin, in 2009, after he received a number of requests to conduct safety based training. Since its humble beginnings, the company has grown to provide a variety of safety and technical training courses, develop drill site safety standards, conduct risk assessments and pre-deployment safety audits, develop tender specifications, compile operating and safety manuals as well as start and maintain DrillSafe Southern Africa.

With this growth and opportunity, we thought it was time to reorganise and refresh our brand as well as to clarify our offerings. With the help of a talented branding professional we underwent the creative process of rebranding. 


We have reorganised our brand as Colin Rice Exploration Drilling Advisory, although our legal entity remains the same. Colin Rice Exploration Drilling Advisoryhas three service divisions as well as the DrillSafe Southern Africa partner brand

Through the rebranding process, we were forced to “dig deep” and explore what meant the most to us, as a company. Colin has always maintained that there are four aspects to drill site safety and as we continued with our process, we concluded that these are the four cornerstones on which our business is built. These cornerstones are what holds our business together, what helps us build it up and they are the basis for everything we do; the people, the equipment, the environment, and the processes involved in drilling operations. 

CR Notepad_June 2018_3 copy.png

We have maintained the interlinked diamond shapes in all of our logos to echo the theme of the four cornerstones and to remind us that they are present in all the services we provide to our customers.