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 Safety standards - the way to go!


Safety standards - the way to go!

Drill Safe

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In 2009 when Colin Rice Exploration and Training first explored and developed a drill site safety standard for a major mining company, there was not much interest in it from the rest of the industry. Since then, we have developed drill site safety standards for 5 other major mining companies in Africa. The drive for a safety standard was predominantly from mining companies to gain consistency in safety performance across their projects. However, from our recent experience and interactions, a number of contractors have shown great interest in applying similar standards across their operations. The potential benefits of this standard are: 

  • Improved safety
  • Relationships with mining companies become easier and more transparent
  • Ensures total compliance with legislation

The fact that so many other role players are looking to adopt a drill site safety standard illustrates the enormous benefits of working to a known set of requirements and that the need for an industry safety standard is greater than ever.

Catch Colin Rice discussing the need for a drill site safety standard at the Drill Rig and Safety Innovation Forum on 20 July 2018 in Johannesburg. 
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