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Isolation and lockout solutions for your batteries

Drill Safe

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Minecorp specialises in mine specifications on all vehicles - servicing of fleet vehicles, safety cells, exploration, underground vehicles, tray backs, game viewers, trailers, casual services and upgrades. Here is some information on the isolation and lockout products we provide..

Isolators are available in assorted styles and configurations for different requirements, from single isolators (battery or starter) to dual isolators (battery and starter).

These also include single isolators without jump start facilities, single isolators with jump start facilities, double isolators without jump start facilities and double isolators with jump start facilities.


Single pole isolators can be used for battery or starter isolation.

Single isolators can be used for battery or starter isolation with jump start facility.

Double isolator with jump start facility.



Single pole isolators are used to break a single pole on the vehicle. This isolator can be used as a starter isolator or a battery isolator.


Double pole isolators

Double pole isolators are used to completely isolate the vehicle by breaking both negative and positive poles.


Battery isolation

Battery isolation is used to completely lockout a vehicle using a master lock for maintenance and repairs as well as shift change and grounding of an unsafe vehicle.

Starter isolation

Starter isolation is used to lock out the starter motor on a vehicle. This type of lockout still gives the service technician, shift change driver and/or supervisor the ability to do a full electronics check/test without the risk of anyone being able to accidentally start the vehicle.


The jump start receptacle is used in conjunction with the correct compatible jumper cable fittings and:

  • Eliminates connecting the jumper cables accidentally to the incorrect poles on the vehicles
  • Prevents damage to either vehicles electrical systems
  • Prevents fire hazards caused by shorting out the batteries
  • Prevents voltage spikes when the second vehicle starts


These isolators can be used on a variety of different vehicles including:

  • Light delivery vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Drill rigs
  • Generator





If it has a battery, Minecorp SA can isolate it!