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A leap forward in the underground exploration drilling industry


A leap forward in the underground exploration drilling industry

Drill Safe

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Master Drilling makes a leap forward in underground exploration drilling by acquiring the first               Boart Longyear™ state-of-the-art LM™30 Skid Steer in South Africa!

Written by W.C. Olivier

Master Drilling recently acquired the first, state of the art, Boart Longyear™ LM™30 Skid Steer (LM30SS) in South Africa. Boart Longyear a leader in design, development and manufacturing of products for mining and drilling unveiled the LM30SS unit in South Africa for the first time last week. 

The LM30SS drill unit is a compact, mobile and self-driven drill with components which ensures rapid setup, movement between drilling sites and means the drill rig doesn’t require an external electrical supply. Master Drilling’s underground operations manager Mr. Ben Legransie states that the mobility, rapid setup and overall self-reliance of the LM30 ensures efficient and continuous operations as there are less time delays when the drill rig is moved from one site to another, especially in the underground mining environment.

Master Drilling's senior SHERQ officer, Mr T. Booysen, at the first demonstration of the LM30SS in South Africa.

Master Drilling's senior SHERQ officer, Mr T. Booysen, at the first demonstration of the LM30SS in South Africa.

The LM30 drill rig mounted on a CAT 246D Skid Steer with all systems powered by the CAT’s  diesel engine. The LM30SS is capable of drilling at various angles from vertically downward to vertically upward at B, N and H sizes at depths of 310m, 180m and 80m respectively. Therefore, this rig provides the capabilities required for most underground exploration drilling applications. 

The LM30 does not only provide great mobility and rapid setup but also improves safety with a remote control panel allowing for rig operation at a safe distance, guarding of all moving parts and machine cut-off switches on all guarding. The LM30SS also has various dead man switches both when operating the CAT Skid Steer and drilling unit.

Mr. Trevor Booysen, senior safety officer from Master Drilling’s  exploration division, states the drill rig will significantly reduce the likelihood of incidents in general as there is no need for cumbersome loading and pining of the machine that reduces the need for manual handling and subsequent risk for especially hand injuries. The machine also has an automatic rod breakout system which further reduces the risk of hand injuries and fatigue related risks through decreased material handling. Master Drilling strives to optimise technological and adhere to the global demand for safer machines that optimises productivity and decreases workplace incidents and injuries.

Master Drilling believes this drilling unit is a large leap forward in rapid movement and setup technologies especially in the underground drilling environment. The time saving advantages will be carried over to clients who require geological information quickly in order to make real time mining decisions in order to maximise mining efficiencies.