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Core trays - safe, stackable and minimal corrosion


Core trays - safe, stackable and minimal corrosion

Drill Safe

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Since the handling, moving, logging and storage of the diamond drill core is a very manual affair, it is important that the core trays used are safe. To this end Geo-Explore Store has ensured some key areas of concern are addressed in the design and manufacture of our core trays .

  • All 1 metre trays, when loaded with core, should not exceed the carry  load per person per end, even if loaded with high density core.
  • All steel trays have been examined and sharp edges or corners have been rounded, rolled or removed (should the handler not be wearing gloves!)
  • Interlocking nature of all trays ensures a safe and secure stacking system for final storage, they do not just pile on top of each other.
  • The steel trays are made of zincalume steel to minimize corrosion so ensuring the tray remains competent and up to the job!              

Please contact us should you have any questions or need guidance regarding the ideal solution for your project.