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Choose the best core cutter for your project


Choose the best core cutter for your project

Drill Safe

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Historically the cutting of core was very much a hands on operation. Even though very few injuries were reported  (the risk is more a pinch point than a cut),  it became obvious that it was a high risk situation. 

Manufacturers then began to look at removing the “hands on” factor in the core cutting operation. Machines were developed using core holders, covered core blades etc. 

Other areas of safety surrounding the core cutting environment were also addressed such as noise, dust, removing the manual feed issues (pushing too hard and overloading motors/blades), etc. Units were developed with voltmeters to monitor load on the blade/motor, automatic feed and blade speeds , silent centre blade, improved water feed, settling tanks etc.

The result is a range of core splitters available in the market today, from an entry level mobile manual unit using core holders to the fully automatic, enclosed, units for larger projects.

Price,  productivity and blade life increase up the range so it is important to match the correct machine to your safety requirements, metres being cut, rock type being cut etc.

Learn more about the Automatic (Senior) Core Saw 380 Volt Model

Learn more about the Manual core splitter: FH 711

Please contact us should you have any questions or need guidance regarding the ideal machine for your project.