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Online Drill Site Safety Certificate Programme


Online Drill Site Safety Certificate Programme

Drill Safe

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Colin Rice Exploration and Training recently launched a series of six online Certificate Programmes;

  • Drilling for Geologists
  • Drill Site Safety
  • Drill Site Safety (South African Law)
  • Exploration Supervisor
  • Drill Rig Inspector
  • Directional Driller

Each Certificate Programme is made up of a unique mix of courses that range from "Drilling Fundamentals" to "Drilling Calculations" to "The Fundamentals of Borehole Surveying". 

Given the increasing use of technology and the demand for our Drill Site Safety Programme from various geographic locations across the world, we now deliver our Programmes on an online platform, meaning that where ever you are in the world, you can take part in our Certificate Programmes. 

About the Drill Site Safety (SA law) Certificate Programme

The aim of this Certificate Programme is to improve the level of understanding of health and safety issues of the candidate and to provide him with the skills to improve his/her management of safety on the drill site. In order for a safety official to understand, identify and mitigate the risks and hazards involved on a drill site, he/she needs to understand the fundamentals of drilling as well as the various drilling methods. This Certificate Program ensures that the candidate has a good understanding of the fundamentals and then develops his/her ability to understand, identify and manage the risks and hazards present on a drill site. This Certificate deals with and is set in the context of South African Law.

Who should do this Certificate Programme?

All people involved in the operational aspects of a drilling project including, geologists, engineers, safety managers, safety officers, supervisors, foremen and contracts managers.

Course outline

This Certificate Program is made up of five courses:

  1. Drilling Fundamentals
  2. Introduction to Drilling Methods
  3. Fundamentals of Risk Assessment
  4. Fundamentals of Hazard Identification
  5. Legal Aspects of Exploration Drilling (SA Law)


It is essential that learners consider these important points before registering:

  • Currently all Courses are delivered in English and therefore the candidate must be able to comprehend and write English at school leaver level. The candidate will need to write/type clear and meaningful assessments.
  • It is required that the candidate has had exposure to at least one exploration drilling operation and has access to a drilling operation in order to complete the assessments. Colin Rice Exploration and Training require that you provide information about your experience to best judge if you will be bale to complete the assessments.
  • In situations where the candidate works for a mining or exploration company, it is advantageous for the line manager to be directly involved with the candidate as a coach or mentor.
  • Due to the Certificate Program being online, the candidate will need an email address and access to a stable internet connection.


The cost of this Certificate Program is R 7 200,00 per person, excluding VAT. 

Please contact Erin at should you require any further information.